SME prepares for PNG Games

Small and medium-sized enterprises in West New Britain Province are gearing up to partake in spin-off benefits from the PNG Games.

With less than 20 days to go, Taubar Trading, located at Kapore, which is close to the Kapore mini stadium, is one of those SMEs.

Owner, Nenet Porchy, says his wife and family have been looking forward to the games and have been preparing for the last couple of months.

In an interview with TVWan News, Porchy says: “We are looking forward to the games and have stocked up to serve athletes coming from other centres.

“We are also serving our community in our oil palm blocks and confident to deliver to the people.”

He adds that the games will unite people and share cultures through sports.

Meanwhile, his wife thanks the Government for bringing the games to WNB.

Freddy Mou