Rising star in NIP tourism

Karanas Comfort Tours PNG is a rising star in New Ireland’s tourism sector.

The owner of Karanas Comfort Tours is Alice Alu, who is originally from East New Britain Province but grew up in New Ireland.

As the name suggests, Alu takes care of visitors’ activities, accommodation and meals.

“I started this tour business to promote and market the beauty of the province I grew up and love so much,” said Alu.

“This is a way of giving back to the province since the New Ireland Provincial Government subsidised my education from primary school to the University of Technology.

“New Ireland has never been promoted or exposed enough to the level where more visitors would list it on their bucket list of places to travel to.”

Alu started the new venture in 2019 after studying entrepreneurship at the University of Sunshine Coast, Australia, where she has a certificate IV in Entrepreneurship. 

“It was only an idea and business plan converted into a sustainable business model in 2022 post-COVID,” she shared.

“Operating in NIP has been a great pleasure as we have a standing and recognition in the communities here and our stakeholders here have been really helpful.”

While more international and domestic tourists are visiting “Bilas Peles”, Alu outlined that just like other local businesses, power issues affect operations.

“Challenges are first of all power outages that affect most of our guests who are lodged at the small guest houses we affiliate with,” she said.

“Also, there is a lack of awareness in tourism products in remote areas where we see are potentially fit for product development and advertising. 

“People need more awareness on how tourism can actually benefit everyone as tourism is everyone’s business.”

Loop author