Rice distributor to lower price in 2017

Due to the touch economic conditions over the past 12 months, Trukai Industries has ushered in the new year by announcing a major price reduction on one of its core brand, as well as modernising its traditional packaging.

In what was initially a December price reduction aimed at alleviating Christmas budget pressures for its millions of local customers, Trukai Industries reduced the cost of its Roots Medium Grain Rice products by a significant 14 per cent.

The festive gesture has paid major dividends, with Trukai consequently experiencing a major spike in sales.

Trukai Industries CEO Greg Worthington-Eyre said that as a result of overwhelming public response, the 14 per cent reduction will now stand as a permanent price point.

 “It was a very competitive year in 2016, with the downturn of the economy and also more choice with how and where consumers spend their money. There were a number of smaller retailers and wholesalers entering the market,” said Worthington-Eyre.

“It is tough times at the moment but that is the case for everybody, and one of the key things we’re looking at for 2017 is our pricing.”

The famous Trukai and Roots rice 10kg and 20kg packaging has also received a modern makeover. The design philosophy behind the updates was to bring about some form of uniformity among all Trukai products through their packaging.

“We want to send out the same message of ‘consistent high quality’ not just in our product itself, but in our presentation to our consumers,” Worthington-Eyre explained.

“There has been no major overhaul of the look and feel of our packaging, just subtle adjustments here and there to bring out this philosophy in a fresh, contemporary way.”

The 10kg bag varieties continue to include a handle, which not only ensures Trukai bags are ‘recycled’ and used again to help the environment, but also to provide consumers added functionality.

Worthington-Eyre stressed that for the iconic brands, it was still business as usual inside the packet.

“We want our consumers to know that it’s the same high quality, vitamin enriched rice they have long enjoyed, as we know when it comes to our rice it’s what’s inside that counts.”




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