Ramu 2 Hydro contract negotiations on going

​Contract negotiations for the Ramu 2 Hydro Power Project are ongoing to ensure the interests for all parties involved are entered.

PNG Power Board Chairman, Andrew Ogil, says negotiations are ongoing despite the election period.

He said the Project was the biggest hydro power undertaking and so it was imperative for PNG’s interests, as well as the developers, were properly covered in any agreement.

“So what we are doing is that there is a team in PPL working on that, with KCH as a shareholder, plus the contractor. By the time it comes to the Board, I will then endorse it to the board and PPL, and to the NEC. By that time we’ll be in a position to sign off.

“This is an important project that we’re taking time to look at so it’s fair for Papua New Guineans and fair on the contactors,” Ogil said.

The Ramu 2 Hydro Power Project will be developed by Chinese firms, Shenzen Energy, and Sinohydro.

The Ramu 2 Hydro Power Project is located downstream from the existing Yonki Dam and is capable of generating 180 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy.

It is expected to lift Yonki’s electricity capacity from the current 93MW (once all major refurbishment and upgrade works are completed) to 273MW, an expansion of 194% in scheme’s generation capacity.

More significantly, Ramu 2 is expected to increase total electricity generation capacity in Papua New Guinea by 36% by way of a low-cost renewable source.

And official signing ceremony for work to begin on the program will be announced.

Picture credit: Business Advantage PNG