Queenpads Unveils New Uniforms

Queenpads has unveiled band new uniforms as another step in its ongoing journey of branding and representation.

Recognizing the significance of team uniforms in creating a cohesive and professional image, the team decided to prioritize this aspect of their brand last year. Earlier this year, they set their plans into motion.

Collaborating with the talented design team at Colony Group Limited, the team created uniforms that perfectly complement their existing collection of delightful MH banners and educational materials.

The team members proudly donned their new collar t-shirts, which replaced their previous black uniforms, for the very first time. These uniform t-shirts serve not only as a representation of the Queenpads brand but also highlight their key delivery partner, the Sir Brian Bell Foundation. Emblazoned with the mission tagline "Caring for Your Special Days," the shirts feature unique designs and artwork inspired by the menstrual cycle and menstruation itself—referred to as "special days" by the team.

A fascinating tidbit about the primary brand colors selected for the uniforms: purple and green take center stage. Purple, symbolizing royalty and queens, embodies the essence of the Queenpads mission. It conveys the notion of empowerment and regality associated with women and their unique experiences.

On the other hand, green represents the team's commitment to the environment and sustainability, emphasizing their dedication to green products and eco-friendly practices. The secondary colors chosen beautifully complement these primary hues, creating a vibrant and visually appealing ensemble.

Through these changes, the Queenpads team aims to continually improve themselves, their awareness campaigns, products, and their representation as a socially conscious and environmentally friendly enterprise in PNG and the wider Pacific region.

They take pride in leading the charge to normalize conversations around menstruation through their advocacy programs and by offering green products. Moreover, they strive to strengthen their existing partnerships while also forging new ones, all in pursuit of their ultimate goal: menstrual equity.

With the unwavering backing of their community, Queenpads is confident in their ability to effect positive change and create a more equitable future for all.

Loop Author