Public procurement to be streamlined

A centralised procurement system under the revised Procurement Act will streamline all procurement from public entities and government bodies in PNG.

The centralised system aims to ensure strict guidelines are met and complied with.

Finance Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan, said too often contracts where given under suspicious circumstances. But with the centralised system, all procurement will achieve value for money.

He said the Central Supply and Tenders Board (CSTB) has been transformed into the National Procurement Commission (NPC). And it will operate under the revised Procurement Act.

“The (revised) Procurement Act will now be the guiding principle under which procurement will take place.

“It (NPC) will be an authority on its own but finance will have that oversight,” said Dr Kgangan.

He added the revised Procurement Act, which is expected to be passed in Parliament in March 2017, will complement the Public Finance Management Act 2016 which was announced yesterday.

“With the PFMA and the amended procurement act that is very solid.

“Once you have those two operating and that people are complying we will actually see the real value for public money that is spent.”

Cedric Patjole