Province eyes ‘one crop per electorate’ concept

Central Province is embarking on a new approach to drive their economy through the one crop per electorate concept.

This approach is being led by Governor Robert Agarobe to mobilise their land from a subsistence lifestyle into a more commercialised one.

“At the moment, we are all subsistence farmers, we grow a bit of this and a bit of that. To secure the market and push production, it becomes a problem, so by going down that path by one crop electorate and one farmer concept, we can then commercialise,” said Governor Agarobe.

He says his province is driving the economy through the one crop per electorate or district concept. This is where the four districts will be specialised in one area of producing and selling crops and other agricultural products.

Meanwhile, over the years, the people of Central Province have not always been welcomed to sell their produce at Port Moresby’s markets. Most of them are being deprived a space at the markets to sell.

The provincial government, through the Aniani Corporation, is trialing a concept where garden food supplies will be bought from the local farmers’ right at their doorsteps.

In the near future, the Governor is looking into collaborating with business houses where supermarket trucks will also be selling food directly to his people.

“We are going to come down to your doorstep and pick up the food at your doorstep,” stated the Governor.

“While we are coming to get your food, we also have the supermarket trucks coming with us so you sell your banana to us, you get your money, you walk across to the supermarket car and you buy whatever supplies you want, right at your doorstep.”

Another challenge that the province is now faced with is the road infrastructure. The Governor says it is now his responsibility and the open members in the province to build the main provincial roads and feeder roads respectively.

Jemimah Sukbat