Porgera Mine reports damage to power generation plant

The operator of the Porgera Mine in Enga, Barrick (Niugini) Limited, has confirmed that damage has been caused to the mine’s power generation plant, located in Hides in Southern Highlands.

This followed a 7.5 magnitude earthquake that struck the area on Monday, 26 February.

BNL executive managing director, Richmond Fenn, said the earthquake epicentre was located approximately 90km South West of the Porgera mine, close to the mine’s power generation plant at Hides.

“While the mine itself appears to have been unaffected by the quake, our primary power generating facility located some distance away in Hides has sustained damage, and is now offline,” Fenn said.

“The mine is now operating on back-up power and some production activities have been suspended to conserve power.

 “Thankfully, no employees were injured during the earthquake or during the subsequent aftershocks,” Fenn assured.

He said the mine had sent a team to the Hides facility to assess the damage.

“Following that assessment we will have a much clearer picture of what repairs may be required, and how long the Hides facility may be offline.

“Further updates will be provided once those assessments are completed.”

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