Pom’s first vertical green city planned

China Railway Construction Engineering Group Real Estate is embarking on an exciting project that will result in PNG having its first vertical green city.

The planned building will be in the heart of Port Moresby’s Central Business District. The site is to the right of Internal Revenue Commission facing traffic lights on Musgrave Street.

The building will comprise largely of office spaces with vertical planting in the building to not only advance the quality of office life but also to create an ambience unique to Papua New Guinea.

Plant selection will depend on the different floor height with a roof garden surrounded by wind resistant trees to create comfortable and quiet spaces for staff in the building. The building aims to promote green living in terms of using plants on all floors and materials that are environmentally friendly.

The 23-storey building will comprise of seven floors of car park space while the rest is office space.

Some other features include four floors for multifunctional purposes, including a sky garden cafe and gym. The entrance lobby will be open to the public and connects the Stanley Esplanade and Champion Parade.

This project is set at K250 million, an investment that will boost the capital city’s economy.

The timeline for this project is expected to end in the second half of next year with the completion of the structure before the 2018 APEC summit commences.

(A model of the first vertical green city)

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