PM welcomes businesses returning from holidays

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has welcomed businesses, their staff and public officials returning to the workplace from holiday breaks.

He said as Government operations resume, and businesses end their Christmas shutdown, global indicators are also positive for the economy.

“The New Year brings increased opportunity to expand positive growth, stimulate business and create jobs,” the Prime Minister said as he returned to duties after spending Christmas and New Year with his family.

“Last year we weathered one of the most challenging global economic environments in recent years, and our economy is still producing positive growth.

"There is no doubt that we are facing challenges and our Government has been very frank and open about this.

“We are taking on each of these challenges and implementing measures that maintain fiscal discipline and continue to stimulate growth.

"Our Government delivered a very careful 2017 budget that did not cut core services, that continued to fully fund school fees and healthcare, and did not increase taxes on business.

“To be reducing government spending during an election year speaks volumes for this Government’s commitment to sensible economic management.”

The PM said the start of the New Year was also seeing greater potential in crucial sectors and this will have a positive impact on economic expansion in 2017.

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