PM O’Neill confident on economy

The Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, is confident that the Government is building a more prosperous nation in which the benefits of growth and development are more equally shared by all.

O’Neill in a statement said a strong and stable government, supported by an overwhelming majority in the National Parliament, is the foundation that will guide us through the challenges and opportunities of the coming five years.

PM O’Neill said the country have been through very tough times, and there are challenges that remain but the Government will manage it amicably.

He added that the reduced world commodity prices, and the impact of drought, are among several factors that have placed pressure on our economy.

He said the Government understands and appreciates how tough things have been for families and communities right across Papua New Guinea which makes him more determined to lead the country into the better times ahead of us.

However, this statement was refuted by the Opposition saying the Government has been very ‘cruel’ to the people by imposing and increasing taxes on basic goods and services.

The Shadow Minister for Treasury and Finance, Ian Ling-Stuckey, said PNG deserves a far more effective Government that can put people first rather than anything else.

Freddy Mou