NSL, PPL engage to maximize Members' super

Nambawan Super Limited (NSL) plans to conduct further stakeholder engagements throughout 2023 to reach out to its over 214,000 Members and ensure they are maximizing their superannuation.

NSL recently held its first major stakeholder engagement with PNG Power Limited (PPL).

As one of PNG's largest state-owned enterprises with over 1,800 staff across the country, most PPL staff do not have the time to visit an NSL branch to update their information or check on their super.

NSL CEO, Paul Sayer, stated, "Nambawan Super, as the trustee of over 214,000 members' retirement savings, is continuously looking at ways to improve the types of services we provide to our members. Our services enable us to reach our members to help them find out about the opportunities available to them."

He further explained, "Our stakeholder engagement program provides us with a way for Nambawan Super to have a greater community impact, at a low cost, which means members' funds stay safe while we implement initiatives for their benefit."

The three-day engagement at the PPL head office last week attracted the interest of over 700 PPL staff from its head office and other centers within Port Moresby. The NSL team assisted the PPL staff as they updated their information and had their photos taken for membership ID cards.

Mr Sayer added, "Taking the time to pop into a branch to update details or inquire about how your super is tracking is not easy for all our members. Our members were pleased with the sausage sizzle that our staff offered and made the most of the opportunity to network with us, learning about maximizing the returns from their superannuation, as well as lodging documents that they would usually not have time for."

He concluded, "Nambawan Super has been committed to building better futures for Papua New Guineans for over 60 years and has always kept the wellbeing of our members at the forefront of all that we do. We aim to continue delivering services to the highest standards while going above and beyond our duties to ensure that our members are well prepared for a dignified life after retirement."

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