NGCB receives ‘Highest Employer Boost’ award

The National Gaming Control Board (NGCB) has been recognized by Nambawan Super Limited (NSL) for its exceptional contributions above the mandatory requirements for its employees.

The NGCB received the highest ‘Employer Boost’ award at the 2024 NSL Employer Conference in Port Moresby last month, marking a milestone achievement that acknowledges NGCB’s outstanding commitment to its employees’ welfare.

An ‘Employer Boost’ is when an employer contributes above the normal compulsory 8.4 per cent employer super contribution for its employees.

NGCB is one of the employers offering this support to its 80-plus employees by contributing a full 15 per cent employee superannuation through the ‘Employer Boost’.

Chief Executive Officer Imelda Agon said the ‘Employer Boost’ award sheds light on NGCB’s broader efforts to boost employee morale and professional development.

“The award not only celebrates NGCB’s achievements but also sets a benchmark for other organizations to prioritize and invest in their workforce,” Agon added.

NGCB Director of Corporate Affairs, Roshinah Wari, expressed immense pride and gratitude for the recognition highlighting NGCB’s dedication to its employees.

“I am proud to be working in an organization where my employer goes above and beyond standard employer contributions. It gives me and the other employees of NGCB an assurance about the future,” Wari said.

The ‘Employer Boost’ is one of the initiatives undertaken by the NGCB under the visionary leadership of Agon since taking office in 2012, which has cultivated a culture of financial security and assurance among employees.

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