NGCB gambling awareness

The regulator of gaming activities in the country, National Gaming Control Board says the organization will continue to run advertisements and notices informing public on the effects gambling activities has on the individuals.

NGCB Chairman, Clemence Kanau said this following its recent announcement to partner with the Paga Hill development to build a multi-million kina Casino project.

While research have shown that some families in the country are being torn apart due to gambling addictions by their parents, the Government has given the all clear to a company to begin development on a Casino project.

The Casino project is being realized as an avenue to attract greater tourism and economic development.

National Gaming Control Board Chairman, Clemence Kanau says as the regulatory of the gaming industry, it is fully aware of the effects gambling can have on individuals and will continue to conduct awareness on the effects.

Kanau said, “We will continue to run massive awareness to support our PNG participants in the industry of gambling also, telling them the impacts thereof also. It’s a degree of individual understanding of their own management as to whether to get into the gambling space or stay at home and do your budget. So the opportunities are there. In this in industry, as a regulator obviously it is our responsibility and we run that program and it is an ongoing activity.”

The proposed project is set to be built at the Paga Hill in September and will begin operations in 2023.

Following the signing on Friday, many Papua New Guineans have come out voicing their disagreement on the casino project saying the project will further extend the scale of gambling, poverty and suffering in many families

Jemimah Sukbat