NGCB eyes gambling tourism

The National Gaming Control Board is eyeing gambling tourism to generate economic and tourism benefits for PNG.

After almost two years, the National Gaming Control Board held its first meeting with newly appointed board members last week.

The NGCB board include members of the business chamber, women’s council, churches and non ex officio from the Department of Finance, Treasury and the Community Development.

The board deliberated on activities that will help generate revenue and also open employment opportunities.

NGCB Chairman, Clemence Kanau, said one of the activities that the board will be venturing into is the establishment of a casino with the partnership of the Paga Hill Development Company under a Special Economic Zone program.

The chairman is aware that this proposal will bring much opposition but he is optimistic at the idea of turning the country into a gambling tourism opportunity.

He emphasised that from 2013 to 2018, the gaming industry generated from K200 million to K1.3 billion.

Gambling sites and bookmakers are still closed under COVID-19 restrictions since last year.

Other initiatives the NGCB board deliberated on was the practice of COVID-19 measures at gambling houses, creating online betting, Total Automated Betting Software, the introduction of lottery and on stream bingo.

Merilyn Diau-Katam