New technology to improve gold production

A K57 million investment by Newcrest Mining Limited at the Lihir Gold Mine, for the installation of two cyclone clusters, will improve the mine’s gold production.

The company announced this following the successful installation of its float tails leach phase 2 project cyclone tower and associated pipework.

The technology will enable the company to recover cyanide soluble gold from the flotation grade gold (FGO) and high grade gold (HGO 1&2) flotation tails.

Superintendent-major projects, Greg Bridge, said: “Previously, gold was lost through the flotation circuit. With the addition of the two cyclone clusters, we reduce our losses and increase our recovery rate, subsequently increasing our gold production.”

This is the first stage of the project while the installation of the Nutec Bickley kiln is the second phase, which is currently in construction.

With the addition of the cyclones, and the commissioning of the new kiln, the project is anticipated to provide production benefits worth up to K81 million per year.

The company says this is a significant milestone in enhancing Lihir’s gold production and improving gold recovery from the historic flotation waste stream.

Cedric Patjole