New resort for Lae

The Morobe Provincial Government plans on building a new resort to strengthen the tourism potential of the province.

Governor Ginson Saonu said the resort will be built along the coastline of Wagang Village (Sipaia) from the mouth of Bumbu River to Busu River.

He made these remarks whilst opening the three-day workshop for Morobe Tourism at Wagang Village outside Lae City on Monday, June 29th.

Governor Saonu said the base foundation of tourism in Morobe can be identified on church history at Finschhafen, War History, administrative history at Salamaua and Gold History at Wau- Bulolo.

“During the annual ELC-PNG Synod held at Heldsbach at Finschhafen, pilgrims came as tourists from all parts of PNG and overseas in huge numbers. This reflects the strength of church tourism in Morobe,” stated Saonu.

“The gold rush during 1920s at Wau - Bulolo will attract families of the pioneer gold prospectors to come as well and the War History across Morobe already is a major attraction for tourists across the world.”

The Governor said these three key areas will attract more tourists apart from the natural flora and fauna wonders of Morobe, with its majestic mountains, mighty rivers, pristine islands and beaches, challenging trekking sites and diving sites, among others.

Governor Saonu said for Morobe to develop its place in the tourism arena, they should emulate Fiji and Singapore.

“Fiji's economy is driven by tourism alone compared to PNG, because they have the right mindset and attitude to harness the tourism potential,” he stated. “The same being for Singapore with no natural resources available but is now a very strong economy in the world.”

Governor Saonu explained that before the new tourism resort is built, the traditional landowners will be registered as Incorporated Land Groups (ILG) to allow them to benefit meaningfully from the spinoffs.

“You people of Wagang must understand that tourism is the only sustainable program that will bolster economic returns from now and into the future.

“The resort will be directly under your care and will bring more revenue overtime for the people.”

The three day workshop is facilitated by TPA with support from Morobe Provincial Government and Kennedy Wenge.

Its success is linked to the establishment and opening of the Morobe Tourism Bureau Office in Lae recently this month.

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