New Nasfund brand ambassador

Skipper of the SP PNG Hunters, Ase Boas, is Nasfund’s brand ambassador.

Boas signed a 12-month contract with Nasfund as the superannuation institution profiled its voluntary contributions product in Port Moresby yesterday (April 26).

Chief of member services, Charlie Gilichibi, said Nasfund is pleased to have this association with Ase Boas and the PNG Hunters to profile and grow this product.

“Salary packing or salary sacrifices comes with tax benefits for both employees and employers and Nasfund is refreshing it voluntary contributions program with an emphasis on salary packaging, by announcing a partnership with the captain of PNG Hunters, Ase Boas, as the brand ambassador for the voluntary contributions product.”

The rigour of planning strong discipline and ongoing success in any champion sportsperson and team also reflect Nasfund’s value and is the way Nasfund wants its members to succeed in retirement.

He said in an age where there is intense noise in promotion and advertising of products, it is imperative to utilise other branding tools to create a unique advantage.

For rugby league players like Ase Boas, there is a very limited shelf life despite him achieving a lot in his career and this sort of agreement with being a brand ambassador goes a long way to assist the captain in advancing further into the future.

“As for me as a brand ambassador and a sportsman, I will be help more on this and I encourage my team as sports men to save themselves something for the future,” says Boas.

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Annette Kora