New members join Choice Super

Nambawan Super welcomed 19 new Choice Super members from Alotau, Milne Bay Province late last week.

The new members are casual employees with Milne Bay Welding Supplies, Island Trading and Construction, and Racer Replacement Parts.

These three new employers now join several businesses that are prioritising the well-being of their casual staff by helping them to build a better future after retirement, with Choice Super.

The new members join 19,000 Choice Super members that receive the full benefits available to all Nambawan Super members.

These benefits include receiving discounts of up to 30% every time they shop through the Nambawan Super Discount Partner Program, access to their contributions for a Housing Advance, and they have the opportunity to open a Retirement Savings Account to continue earning interest on their savings after retirement.

Choice Super is a product that is available for everyone, whether you earn an income in the informal sector, self-employed, casually employed, or an expatriate. 

Loop Author