New local ice-cream line launched

Since coming online in 2018, the Ilimo Dairy Farm is boasting a wide range of locally-made products from their fresh and flavoured milks to yoghurt, their new line of fruit beverages and now, their ice-cream line.

Ilimo launched their product with the opening of a new ice-cream shop on the afternoon of December 10th outside the Vision City Mall.

The new Ilimo (ice-cream) Park offers a range of flavours, soft ice cream, milk shakes and slushies which are, most importantly, all made from the locally produced Ilimo Fresh Milk.

Chairman and executive director of Innovative Agro Industry, Ilan Weiss, said since they started producing the fresh milk, they have been bombarded with questions regarding the production of ice-cream. This is why they now have a dedicated shop for Ilimo gelato ice cream which is available in very affordable and competitive prices.

“What we have created here is an environment where people can come in, get their ice-cream, their pikininis can play in the playground in a safe and secure environment under the shade, cool themselves down…so it’s a great shopping experience for the customers,” Weiss stated. “This is the first of our ice-cream shops. We intend to bring more.

“Right now Ilimo is nationwide – we’re in Lae, we’re in Hagen, big centres and we intend for the ice-cream to come out and pursue our products in all those major urban centres.”

Ilimo is a partnership between the agri-business company, Innovative Agro Industry, the people of Central Province through its Provincial Government and Kumul Agriculture Limited. Their operations are also in line with the Prime Minister’s ambitious goal of taking back PNG.

The chairman explained that the ice-cream starts with the farmers of Central Province who are growing the feed for the cows, which in turn, grows the livestock.

“And then doing all the downstream processing, all the added value is done here in PNG by Papua New Guineans for Papua New Guineans,” Weiss stressed. “Every Kina that you spend here stays in-country; it doesn’t have to go overseas, it doesn’t have to be exchanged.”

Carmella Gware