Need for a new mineral dept office

Secretary for the Department of Mineral Policy and Geohazards Management, Harry Kore, says having a new office is one of his main goals.


Secretary Kore says the department is a key government agency yet it is currently housed in a facility which constantly needs maintenance.

He said despite the trying economic situation the country is facing, he is pushing to have funding for the plan.

Secretary Kore stated that after moving out of their last office building, a pre-colonial structure, which was later condemned as not suitable, they moved into the Newtown buildings which also required continuous upkeep.

Despite being a key contributor to the regulation of the mining industry in PNG, their current structures do not reflect their importance.

The secretary has now made it his goal to ensure that his staff operate in a well-built facility.

“Basically we contribute a lot to this industry, since independence until now we contribute about 50 percent of export revenue for the country.

“We are operating from a building that’s rundown and it really doesn’t equate to how much we contribute to the country so I’m looking for money.

“If the government comes good and gives us some money then we will have a good office environment to work in.”

Despite the challenges, the Department staff worked tirelessly to put together the revised Mining Act, a key document bringing PNG up to speed with changes in the mining industry and international best practice.

Cedric Patjole