Nautilus confident

Nautilus Minerals Ltd is confident they will deliver the Solwara 1 Project, the world’s first deep sea mine.

Nautilus CEO Mike Johnston said this during a meeting with Mining Minister, Johnston Tuke, and key state agencies to present a brief and update on the project.

Johnston said the company will deliver the Solwara 1 Project and the recent announcement of the departure of key figures and financing delays was no issue.

Despite this, Nautilus says the company will deliver the project once the seafloor production system is ready.

Johnston presented detailed insight into the project, emphasising that the company has made various tests to verify potential problems.

He said these tests and reports have gone through a meticulous screening process by the state agencies and independent reviews as well.

Key state agencies such as the Mineral Resources Authority and Conservation and Environment Protections Agency were also present during the meeting.

Meanwhile, Minster Tuke made a point that the project was entered into well before his time and believes that due diligence has been  done through the Government’s key agencies.

He said PNG is well positioned to be the first country in the world to undertake deep sea mining.

Cedric Patjole