Nasfund participates in Mining Petroleum Conference

The National Superannuation Fund (Nasfund) this week engaged with its membership representatives at the 16th PNG Mining & Petroleum Investment Conference underway in Sydney, Australia.

Nasfund Chief Executive Officer, Ian Tarutia led the Fund delegation to this event, which brought together organizations from across the Resource & Energy sector in Papua New Guinea.

“The 16th PNG Mining & Petroleum Investment Conference & Exhibition provided an opportunity to engage once again with industry organizations, most of whom are our contributing employers on behalf of their staff.

“The event also provided a venue for Prime Minister Marape and key Ministers for Investment & Trade, Mining and Petroleum to outline Governments policy and support for the mining and petroleum sector,” said Tarutia.

Through the theme “PNG Resources: Securing the Next Wave of Responsible Investment” the Fund was fortunate to meet with Industry leaders to understand the current state of play as well as changing dynamics of this critically important economic sector.

“It was pleasing to note that activities in the industry are slowly picking up, in anticipation of the commencement of operations for several projects.

“As the leading superannuation provider in PNG, Nasfund stands ready to support the resource & energy industries to provide retirement savings services to our membership, both present and future.”

This event also allowed the Fund to gauge the level of interest in investing in PNG, which allows us to consider investment opportunities, which can provide long-term returns for members.

Nasfund commended the PNG Chamber of Mines & Petroleum for facilitating this event. 

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