Nasfund host workshop to address employer issues

The National Superannuation Fund Ltd (Nasfund) recently conducted a Year-End workshop with over 150 attendees that represented 96 targeted employers.

The event, hosted by Nasfund's Member and Employer Services division, was conducted purposely to connect with targeted employers and reiterate key areas of concern such as member maintenance, unallocated contributions, and the optimization of the Employer Online Portal.

Team Leader for Contributions, Ambang Eric said that the workshop strategically tackled pressing issues faced by employers, including challenges with incorrect member biodata, high unallocated contributions, and underutilization of the Employer Online Portal.

General manager for Member and Employer Services, Anne Wilson thanked the employer representatives who attended and emphasized to them the importance of complying with the Superannuation General Provisions Act (2000).

‘'As a Fund, we are governed by the Superannuation General Provisions Act (2000) and we require all employers to be compliant with the Act,” Wilson said.

“We acknowledged employers who have been compliant and committed to the Fund by providing timely submission of schedules, proper documentation in onboarding new employees, and updating details of their staff using the Member Details Update Forms (MDUF). We would like to encourage all employers to work closely with us to provide all necessary documentation required to enhance member information,’’ she said.

Wilson said the Fund's success in maintaining compliance with the Act relies on the collective efforts of its esteemed employers.

An employer representative from the Family Health International PNG, Norah Gramagi expressed gratitude to the Fund for hosting the informative workshop.

She said the event was well-organized, and the presentations were insightful and engaging.

“I learned a lot about the organization’s vision, mission, and the topics concerning our contribution and I feel that your presentation covered most of the questions that I had in mind,’’ Gramagi said.

Meanwhile, the Fund look forward to host more similar workshops in the coming year.

Loop Author