Nasfund to host 'Top 100 CEO’s investment conference'

The country’s leading superannuation provider, National Superannuation Fund (Nasfund) is pleased to announce it’s first-ever 'Top 100 CEO’s Investment Conference', set to take place on July 5th, 2023, at the Crown Hotel.

This one-day exclusive event will bring together prominent CEOs, industry leaders, and investors to discuss pertinent issues and explore investment opportunities in the country.

The 'Nasfund Top 100 CEO’s Investment Conference' is a unique platform designed by the Fund’s Investment division purposely to facilitate collaboration and dialogue among key stakeholders within the investment community.

The event will feature insightful presentations from 23 speakers based within Papua New Guinea and overseas including panel discussions, and networking opportunities, providing a conducive environment for participants to share their experiences, exchange ideas, and build meaningful connections.

By bringing together CEOs from various industries, Nasfund aims to foster an environment that encourages collaboration and enables investors to identify potential investment avenues.

The conference will provide a comprehensive overview of PNG’s economic landscape, highlighting the key sectors and emerging trends that offer lucrative investment prospects.

Nasfund’s General Manager Investment, Fiona Nelson said; "We are thrilled to host our inaugural 'Top 100 CEO’s Investment Conference,' bringing together some of our key stakeholders and investees such as BSP Group, Kina Securities Limited, and Santos including offshore speakers from the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST), Bloomberg and Pendal Group based in Australia.”

“This was an idea that has been in the pipeline for the last two years but has finally kicked off today and this conference represents Nasfund’s ongoing commitment to fostering collaboration, driving economic growth, and unlocking investment opportunities in PNG,” said Nelson.

Nasund believes that by connecting CEOs, investors, and industry leaders, with relevant partners from the government, such as the International Revenue Commission and the emerging SME space, they can collectively work towards building a stronger and more prosperous future for PNG.  

“Whilst the event is only for invited guests and our top 100 CEOs, we hope to make it open to the public in the coming years depending on the demand and interest of our members,” Nelson said.

She added: “As a Fund, we also understand the need to keep our members informed about the current developments within the investment space and this conference is one responsible way for us to connect, grow and build trust amongst our members and inspire other like-minded entities."

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