Nades appointed to Asia Pacific group

The Papua New Guinea Chamber of Commerce & Industry announced the successful nomination of Vani Nades to the Executive Committee of the Young Entrepreneurs Group of the Asia Pacific (YEGAP).

This is the first time a Papua New Guinean will sit on YEGAP's Executive Committee, which is a body within the Confederation of Asia Pacific Chambers of Commerce & Industry (CACCI). 

The YEGAP was created in 2004 to provide a venue for young entrepreneurs in CACCI countries to get actively involved in entrepreneurial development for young and start-up entrepreneurs.

In congratulating Nades on her appointment, PNGCCI president, Ian Tarutia, said he was confident that Papua New Guinea’s young entrepreneurs would be well represented at this important regional body by Nades. 

“Ms Nades is no stranger to entrepreneurial ventures, given her pivotal role in establishing Em Stret Holdings and helping to roll out ICT solutions to rural and remote parts of our country,” he stated.

“She has a demonstrated ability to find PNG solutions to PNG problems and the PNGCCI has every confidence she will represent us and our members, and our country, very well indeed.”

In response, Nades said: “I am grateful for the opportunity to represent Papua New Guinea on this regional board and intend to champion the best interests of PNG young entrepreneurs and businesses.

“I hope that my involvement in this board will create a pathway for PNG entrepreneurs to tap into opportunities that will allow them to grow and be a force locally and in the global market. My sincere gratitude to PNGCCI president and its executives for their nomination and look forward to contributing meaningfully to YEGAP.”

The CACCI is a regional non-governmental association principally composed of the national chambers of commerce and industry in Asia and the Western Pacific. It has a current membership of 27 countries or independent economies, and links businessmen and businesswomen and promotes economic growth throughout the region.

It was granted consultative status under the United Nations.

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