NAC business as usual

Acting Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the National Airports Corporation, Rex Kiponge, is reassuring the general public that the National Airports Corporation (NAC) is conducting business as usual with staff at work.

This follows a stand-off over the role of MD and CEO for NAC between Kiponge and the former MD and CEO, Ephraim Wasem.

The National Court has now issued interim stay orders for the status quo to remain until the matter is resolved by the court.

On March 3rd and 4th the NAC head office was the scene of a stand-off over the position of MD and CEO.

Rex Kiponge, who was appointed on February 25th by the Board of the National Airports Corporation (NAC) was refused entry by heavy police presence, allegedly organised by Kiponge’s predecessor, Ephraim Wasem.

Kiponge took the matter to the National Court and interim stay orders have been given to maintain the status quo with Kiponge as Acting MD and CEO. 

In a media conference today, Kiponge reassured the public.

“I wanted to inform the travelling public that its business as usual at the NAC. Our staff are at work, and there is no disturbance. I’m at work now, and assure the general and travelling public that NAC is business as usual,” he said.

Kiponge maintains that he is the dully appointed Acting MD and CEO, with his application following the thorough process.

“My appointment came through the due process. And I am here by that process. If my appointment is to be rescinded it has to go through the same process again.”

NAC Company Secretary, Romata Geno, stated that the process of the appointment was followed when the Board met on February 25th. 

“So basically at that board meeting it was discussed, we had a quorum, we had our four directors there as well. At that meeting we had a number of resolutions we had to go through. Upon those resolutions that were discussed, and it was resolved by the majority of the board to have our current appointed Acting MD and CEO, MR Rex Kiponge, appointed as the MD and CEO of NAC.

“At that meeting as well Mr. Ephraim Wasem, the former Acting MD and CEO, was revoked of his appointment and suspended from office,” said Geno. 

Acting MD and CEO, Rex Kiponge, has called on all staff to continue to serve the NAC with integrity.

“I also want to put it on record, The NAC belongs to the people of this country. And my appeal to all the staff in the 22 airports around the country to work for NAC. Not to work for an individual occupying the MD’s position. I appeal to all staff not to take sides and its business as usual and we have work to do. 

“I also wanted to take the time to thank the two shareholder ministers, honourable Sekie Agisa, Minister for Civil Aviation, and Sir John Pundari, Minister for Finance, for initially having the trust and confidence in me by having the recommendation put to the board,” said Kiponge.

The National Court proceeding in relation to the position of Acting MD and CEO will return before Justice David Cannings on March 10th. 

Respondents named in the proceeding include, Wasem, Police Commissioner David Manning, and the State.

Cedric Patjole