Ministerial determination for pipeline signed

Minister for Petroleum, Fabian Pok, signed the Ministerial Determination for Landowners from segments one to seven of Pipeline License Four of the PNG LNG Project.

This follows the completion of social mapping and landowner beneficiary identification (LOBID) recently.

The social mapping and LOBID was done through a combined team involving the Department of Petroleum & Energy, Mineral Resources Development Company (MRDC), Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited (KPHL) and the gas coordinating office.

Minister Pok signed the instruments yesterday with Acting Secretary for the DPE, Kepsie Puiye, and Treasurer Dairi Vele.

It was witnessed by Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta, MRDC Chairman, Augustine Mano, gas projects coordination office director, Peter Koim, and KPHL Managing Director, Wapu Sonk.

Minister Pok commended the combined effort between the agencies resulting in the Determination being made.

He also called on landowners in other areas that are currently in dispute to come to a compromise so that benefits from the PNG LNG Project trickles to landowners.

He said he was confident other areas yet to complete social mapping, clan vetting and LOBID are ready.

“I’ve told many leaders already. All the other IDGs and levies they come but they do not trickle down to the people. What trickles to the people is royalty and equities. And clan vetting exercise to identify the landowners will then allow ol lain papa-mama bilon yumi to benefit.

“I’m so happy to announce that today (yesterday) we will sign all the pipeline segments and in a few weeks’ time we will sign all the brown fields. And on Thursday, I’m pretty sure when we go to Juha we will be ready, I’m pretty sure PDL 1 and PDL 7 are ready, I’m pretty sure Angora is ready for us to complete this exercise and give to our people what they deserve before they go.”

Governor Haiveta was happy that this was finally done and reiterated that any future project must have all requirements done.

“It’s been a long time coming. These are legacy issues that really should have been put to bed before we even started the negotiations and signed the UBSA and LBSA.

“About a week or two weeks ago I made my statement and stance very clear, the onus is on the developer to make sure that we get these things out of the way and as the Prime Minister rightfully stated on the floor of Parliament, in response to my questions to him, that this will not happen in any future oil and gas developments in the country under his watch and under our watch,” said Haiveta.

Also present were pipeline segment landowners from Gulf who finally witnessed something many who passed away waiting to see the benefits.

“For the equity and royalty, that’s what comes down to the people and with the signing of the Ministerial Determination, it’s a big relief for the people they will actually see the benefits from the projects pipeline,” said Wauro Oumabe, chairman of Kikori gas Resources Limited and PNG LNG pipeline segment (7).

Cedric Patjole