Milk prices to be slashed by 50pc

Fresh full cream milk prices will be slashed by 50 percent when PNG produced Ilimo Milk hits retail shelves in February.

The first ever locally produced milk product by Innovative Agro Industry will be available in Port Moresby stores on February 6th.

Samples of the product were presented yesterday to the Minster for National Planning and Monitoring, Richard Maru, who also first tasted the product.

The product is the final outcome of what has taken less than a year to establish.

Chairman and executive director of Innovative Agro Industry, Ilan Weiss, said the product is 100 percent PNG made.

He added it is one of the best milk products in the world as it is 100 percent organic and has no preservatives.

Minister Maru said the soon-to-be-launched product will be a historic one for PNG as the country now has its own milk processing factory.

He said this is the commitment by the Government to see further development of local industries and move away from PNG’s import dependence.

The Ilimo Farm currently produces 6 tons of milk daily, and is expected to double that amount by March.

This will only address a third of PNG’s demand for fresh milk.

But with another dairy farm being planned to open in Morobe Province, this should be sufficient to cater for the entire country.

The IAI plan to introduce other products such as flavoured milk and yogurt in the future.

The Ilimo Dairy Farm and processing factory is located in Central Province.

Cedric Patjole