Maru’s visit good for business: Local

A Jiwaka businessman says the visit by Minister for National Planning and Monitoring, Richard Maru, is good for business.

Andrew Tants, owner and operator of the Jiwaka Mission Resort, said listening to the Minister speak of the development aspirations he had of Jiwaka was well-received.

Tants said building the local economy was critical and as a player in the private sector, they had a role to play as well.

He also called on political leaders to work together to realise the development goals of the province.

“It was a very important topic he touched,” Tants said.

“For governments or provincial governments to be successful, they need to collect revenue.

“And for them to collect revenue, they need support from people like myself and private entrepreneurs in order to generate revenue and help us to channel revenue into what we want to do.

“In that way when the National Government is in the situation we are in now, with the cash flow situation, the local economy has to pull up,” he said.

Cedric Patjole