Makia Village Launches Resource Centre

The Makia coffee development cooperative (MCDC) in Eastern Highlands, has launched its resource centre, mini wet and cooperative group.

From the Unggai-Bena District of Eastern Highlands Province, the MCDC received praised from local MP Benny Allen, for its achievement.

The launching took place in Makia village recently.

Coffee Industry Corporation CIC General Manager for Research & Growers Services Division, Dr Mark Kenny, congratulated MCDC for initiating a group that would address the people’s needs holistically.

Dr Kenny said, “This is the start for many good things to come to you but the road ahead will need your commitment and hard work.”

He added that coffee addressed most of the social obligations but right now, it is threatened with the coffee berry borer (CBB).

“Under the new CIC plans, we want to work with organised groups and that is why we are reaching out to coffee SME model groups and CBB management groups to curb CBB,” he said.

MCDC overseer and CIC general manager, Steven Tumae, said the group had initially embarked on a self-help program since 2015 to organise itself into a cooperative group to improve the livelihoods of the Makia community.

He said the group wanted to provide the means for its people to participate in revenue generating activities, healthy living programs, improved social welfare services, and have access to improved literacy and education programs.

“MCDC has come a long way with a lot of sacrifices and commitment by our members.”

The group was also given a mini wet mill by Mr Allan, and presented cheques worth K67, 300 as assistance towards the group’s community clinic, water supply project and to assist with the operations of the group.

Mr Allan said K7, 300 was for the clinic project, K10, 000 for the water supply project and K50, 000 was for the group’s operation.

Photo courtesy: CIC

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