Major awareness on CBB pest

The Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) will begin a major awareness drive on the coffee berry borer (CBB) next week.

The awareness will be conducted throughout the week in Eastern Highlands and Jiwaka Province as per a directive from Agriculture and Livestock Minister, Benny Allan.

CIC CEO, Charles Dambui, said awareness is part of ongoing efforts carried out by his technical team to address the borer outbreak in coffee growing communities.

“Since the pest is a new pest in PNG, more awareness is required to ensure farmers understand the severity of the pest and its implication on their livelihoods.”

CBB logistics coordinator, Dr Reuben Sengere, said the awareness has been conducted in both provinces in the last nine months.

The key messages that were delivered included advising farmers about the incursion of the pest and informing farmers to report any signs of CBB damage.

“Additionally, stakeholder consultations were carried out in major towns and cities to inform exporters, processors, parchment buyers, provincial government representatives and others about the steps CIC and NAQIA were taking such as the establishment of check points.”

He said stakeholders were concerned about the incursion and were appreciative of actions that have been implemented so far.

Meanwhile, the CICI and NAQIA will implement the following measure:

  1. Full awareness shall be conducted to inform various stakeholders especially coffee growers on the new approach to be taken;
  2. Engagement of law enforcement agencies especially police, village court officials and ward councillors in the awareness and removal of coffee trees;
  3. Coffee growers whose coffee trees will be removed must register with CIC in order to continue with coffee cultivation in CBB affected area. This is necessary to build in long term management of CBB in the containment areas;
  4. CIC shall maintain weed control for new plantings or new suckers raised from old stumps up to first full crop harvest;
  5. CIC shall supply new seedlings for replanting or infilling;
  6. CIC shall supply and set up CBB traps for up to 3 years before garden owner takes over;
  7. Continue to maintain road blocks and check points;
  8. Implement cherry trade policy effectively;
  9. Mobilise growers within infested areas and form coffee growers cooperative to effectively manage CBB in the long term; and
  10. CIC to deliver training for long term CBB management through the cooperatives.

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Cedric Patjole