Labour Dept issues compliance notice to Orica

The Department of Labour and Industrial Relations has put explosives firm, Orica on notice that it will continue to monitor and ensure that the organisation complies with safety and security regulations.

Peter Vincent, an Occupational Health and Safety Officer with the Department said this during the opening of the ‘Orica Konekaru Site’ as well the commissioning of the AMEX Plant.

Vincent said they have ensured that the establishment of the site has met all safety requirements and will continue to ensure that the safety and wellbeing of Orica staff as well as communities in the area are safe.

He said this is required of all companies whether large or small.

“You might think that Orica is one of the world recognised companies in terms of explosive manufacturing, safety might be well above other companies, but accidents do happen. Never count your credibility whether you are world recognized or not.

“So as much as possible I would like to remind you that from the Labour Department we will continuously still come here and make sure that the companies is still complying to standards,” Vincent said.

Labour Department staff were present during the site opening and AMEC plant commissioning.

Cedric Patjole