Konekaru Holdings eyes investments

A local landowner firm from the Central Province aims to invest in a wide range of portfolios to generate revenue and create more business opportunities for its people.

Konekaru Holdings Limited (KHL), a company representing landowner from the Iaro Gaha Clan in Papa, says the investment plan will be bring more business and more employment opportunity for his people.

KHL owns land on which Orica, an international explosives making firm has leased to establish the first of its kind explosives manufacturing site outside of Port Moresby.

KHL Chairman, Morea Geita, says the company will use royalty payments to invest in other business as another means of revenue generation.

Much of their current revenue is used as wages for local employment.

“We often get rental payments on a monthly basis and we pay out wages for our boys looking after the place, providing transportation, providing security and other forms of little business engagement. And apart from the that we’d like to invest money in other areas for future use,” he said.

Geita also said they support the locals church which he says is of paramount  importance.

KHL says the explosives facility will put Konekaru on the world map.


Cedric Patjole