KDDA prioritise boats for SME mothers

Sea transport is vital for the development of small and medium enterprise in New Hanover, Murat, Tigak and Djaul islands.

Kavieng District Development Authority have presented a total of twenty three 23ft 40hp boats and one 60hp engine to the mothers engaged in SME in the district.

The boats were presented by KDDA board member Micheal Panda and Manager, Chris Gai, to mothers engaged with the Kavieng MPs SME policy platform.

The remaining 11 boats and engines for the remaining respective wards will be presented after the executive committees finalized the wards.

Chairman of Kavieng DDA, Ian Ling-Stuckey said SME and SSP development was one of Pangu Pati’s Kavieng district, eight point plan that received an overwhelming mandate at the 2022 National elections.

He called on all mothers and boat executive committees to vigorously maintain and manage their new assets and to ensure that all mothers have fair access to sea transport and to strictly ensure that boat operators do not "Drink and Drive" as the KDDA office will enforce strict guidelines on their use.

Loop author