KBK Mine vegetation regeneration

Ramu NiCo’s (MCC) Kurumbukari Mine in Usino-Bundi District, Madang is currently undertaking a vegetation rehabilitation program at a mined-out area called ‘pit sixteen’.

This is part of land reclamation to have native plants restored after mining activities.

According to the Company’s Health, Safety and Environment Department, a team is currently involved in the Progressive Rehabilitation that includes Landform Rehabilitation and Vegetation Regeneration.

In the August 21 report the HSE Department stated that, there were plans, inspections and discussions done to actively implement the Rehabilitation Plans that were already in place in accordance to the OEMP Progressive Rehabilitation Plan and the Environment Permit WD-L3 (115).

Progressive Rehabilitation involves Landform Rehabilitation and Vegetation Regeneration. The Environment Team will actively participate in the Vegetation Regeneration Rehabilitation which involves the transplanting of the native saplings from the nursery to the landform rehabilitated mined out area.

The KBK Mine Nursery was maintained since 2012.

The HSE Department stated that they have around 1,400 native plants seedlings in the nursery ready to be transplanted.

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