Jacks Launches Winning Designers Products

In an display of creativity and cultural pride, Jacks of PNG unveiled the latest design products from the triumphant winners of the 2023 Design PNG Competition.

The grand reveal took place at the Waigani Central branch in Port Moresby, marking a celebration of Papua New Guinean ingenuity.

The three standout designers, Jack Lami, Andy Rambuli, and Mabata Vasiri, emerged victorious in a competition that served as a platform for showcasing inventive designs reflecting the rich tapestry of PNG. From intricate patterns to vibrant hues and striking graphics, the designers captured the essence of the diverse culture of Papua New Guinea.

Open to individuals of all ages, the competition aimed to foster a love for design and an appreciation for the country's varied cultural heritage.

Each winner received K2000 for their participation and stands to earn up to K10,000 in royalties upon signing an agreement for the production of their design merchandise.

Chief Executive Officer of CPL Navin Raju, expressed pride in the venture, highlighting the meticulous process of selecting the best designs and transforming them into a captivating range of products. He emphasized the significance of incorporating PNG's cultural identity into the designs and announced a substantial contribution of K80,000 in royalties to the winning designers.

Raju encouraged designers across the nation to gear up for the 2024 Design PNG Competition, scheduled to kick off in February. He urged participants to draw inspiration from global trends while staying true to the unique cultural heritage of Papua New Guinea.

This year's competition, which showcased a diverse array of design skills, posed a challenging task for judges like seasoned designer Wandid Amini Korimbo. The event not only celebrated the winners but also provided a platform for the people of PNG to generate income through their creative endeavours.

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