Investment to deliver returns to members

Nambawan Super says the investment in the Rangeview Heights will deliver significant returns for its members.

And members have expressed excitement over the property development.

CEO Anthony Smare said within five years members would realise the benefits from the property investment.

“The K300 million or so that this project is valued today, I’m confident to say will double in the next five years. And that’s a great investment for NCD, and it’s a great investment for the fund,” said Smare.

“And I see our fund members that are sitting here, I’m delighted to see that you’re here because this is your money.”

Smare said during the event that Nambawan Super had just reached K7 billion in total assets and the fund is looking to invest.

“I have to commend the Governor and Lands Minster for this particular deal because we’ve gone around the country and we’ve gone to Province and we try to meet with the leaders, to see what we can do with them to lift communities.

“And sometimes people don’t engage with us, some places they do like NCD and the Governor and the minister have been engaging with us and we have a K300 million investment that is going to enhance the lives of our community.”

Members of the fund have expressed excitement in the development.

“We are excited that something is being done. Nambawan Super has many areas of investment. But this one gives the edge that employees every payday will be walking into a mall that they own.”

Rangeview Heights is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

(Nambawan Super CEO Anthony Smare)

Cedric Patjole