Intruders pretending to be experts: MP

The Cocoa Board of Papua New Guinea has been challenged “to be more vigilant on intruders”.

Deputy Opposition Leader and South Bougainville MP, Timothy Masiu, sounded the warning recently in Lae when he launched the country’s second cocoa of excellence show to be held this July.

Masiu, who is a cocoa grower himself, sternly urged the Cocoa Board of PNG to be on the lookout, claiming intruders do not have or grow cocoa in their countries but were here pretending to be “experts” of cocoa and telling local farmers what to do with cocoa. 

“Controlling, promoting and enhancing quality of our produce is very important for PNG’s agriculture sector - not just cocoa,” he stated.

“PNG cocoa is among the best in the world and in order to maintain this status, we must continue to uphold and apply best practices in production and processing of cocoa.

“There are intruders coming into the country trying to seek knowledge of how we do cocoa here.”

Meantime, Masiu congratulated CBPNG Chief Executive Officer, Boto Gaupu and his team, for initiating the CoEX (Cocoa of Excellence) concept in the country.

The 2019 PNG CoEX will show case cocoa samples from around the country where they are going to be sampled, graded and the best performing local producers will be exposed at the bi-annual International Cocoa Awards (ICA) at the Salun Du Chocolat in Paris, France, in November.

Freddy Mou