Informative Workshop On Resource Industry

Journalists have been given a unique opportunity to engage with the country’s resource project developers to ask crucial questions in order to better understand the resource sector.

Media representatives will attend the Community Affairs and Business Development (CABD) & Media workshop in Port Moresby from August 4-5th, organized by the Chamber of Mines and Petroleum.

At the workshop there will be panel discussion sessions involving journalists and some senior project executives from the industry.

It is an informative workshop especially for local journalists reporting on issues on the resource industry, as there will be opportunities for questions and queries to be raised. 

The Chamber of Mines and Petroleum has urged respective media houses comes prepared with questions and challenges, as industry reporters, may face in getting information needed.

While this has traditionally been two separate events on the Chamber’s annual calendar, this year, these two events will be combined into one.

The event is vital and will cover:

nUpdate on government policies that impact on Community Affairs in the resource sector

nIndustry Community Engagements – How resource projects engage with the media and communities.

nBenefits Sharing – Managing Landowner Wealth in challenging economic environments; Preparing impacted communities for mine closure

nSpecial Case Studies on social mapping and landowner identification

nSustainability planning: 2019 EITI Report

nAn update on the progress of the National Content Policy


“For the past year, there has been much public discussion around the true impact and benefits provided to the country by current resource projects.

“The workshop is an opportunity for journalists to understand the issues that dictate and frame the contribution of resource projects to the national economy,” According to the Chamber Of Mines and Petroleum.

Discussions will focus on the benefits to project host communities and provinces and expand to the value add that new projects bring and those that are already doing exceptionally good work on the ground.

Also important to the conversation is project closure and ensuring the sustainability of impact project communities.

The workshop will have in attendance, Community Affairs officers in the resource sector who will be at the booths and every resource project has them.

They play the important role of connecting with local impact communities, finding out what their social and economic needs are, and implementing sustainable support projects.

Present would also be Business Development Officers who look at the progress of the project, propose new sustainable initiatives and prepare local impact communities for project closures and mine.

It is timely for the workshop as the Government is in progress of reopening the Porgera Mine, the Wafi Golpu project in negotiation and the Pasca A Agreement which awaits signing to progress.

Susan Oreape