IFMS working well

Northern was one of the first provinces to be introduced to the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) in 2018 and the administration is now well vested with the new accounting application.

Provincial Administrator, Trevor Magei, said the introduction of this new system had exposed the financial abuse that had existed at that time, using the old Provincial Government Accounting System (PGAS), a manual application process.

He stressed that people have the right to question the public service as custodians of public funds.

“Today everything is done online, the system is transparent and protects such abuses, protects fund managers and protects all users and beneficiaries.

“It is a plus and a way forward for us as a province that had a bad financial management history in the past.

“This system restores confidence in our partners and stakeholders, our people and in terms of real time data required for reporting purposes. It is a milestone for the province because financial data is processed electronically in an instant press of a button.

“The system does all the reporting for us,” Magei stated.

He said the annual budgeting cycle process is done online as well and this is the reason why he needs all public servants to adapt to changes that are taking place.

“Your commitment and ability to use such application to your benefit to deliver to our people remains with you, to make it happen for yourself and the people you have sworn an oath to serve,” he said.

Magei explained that the IFM System allowed funding to be spent wisely and according to each sector’s plans and restricted commitments made outside the perimeters of planned activities that have been earmarked for implementation during a financial year.

He said the IFM System challenged the planning capacity of public servants and determined how well they were able to plan and roll out their programmes for the people.

“If you are unable to plan properly, the IFM System will work against you.

“The system has made it difficult for spending to be done outside of planned perimeters and is seen as a positive approach in terms of financial diversions that use to be a chronic disease.

“The system flags users if inappropriate commitment codes are entered into the IFM System whilst in the process of executing expenditures.”

(File picture of Northern Governor, Gary Juffa, and Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey, during a recent financial presentation)

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