GoFood App key features

GoFood (PNG) Ltd has launched an App that you can download for free on Apple and Google Play with multiple payment options available.

You can either place your order on the App and when the order is delivered to your doorstep, you can make payment via eftpos or you can pay through BSP Pay, a tab that BSP has done with GoFood (PNG) Ltd.

Anurag Borkar of GoFood Ltd said they will soon be launching the BSP Internet Payment Gateway (BSP IPG) which will allow all master and visa card holders to pay directly through the app.

“One of the interesting features is called the Wallet. This is a digital wallet, which you can deposit funds within the app, and using the funds deposited as and when you please. We will be providing whole other services and having this wallet will be ubiquitous across all our services. Therefore, it really isn’t just an app but a mobile platform for us.”

One of the features is being able to track your order the moment you give your phone number and the app ask’s you to start your location base service and once switched on, raise it to your delivery address.

“The moment you place your delivery address and confirm it and place your order, the order is picked up and you can actually track on google maps from the moment it is picked up for delivery and its estimated time of arrival,” said Mr. Borkar.

One other feature is the scheduling of your order, where you can place an order with GoFood at 9am in the morning for a dinner order in the evening and it will be scheduled in the app. You will get a reminder when it is on its way.

“One of the Tabs is the Pom City Sme Markets and this is our SME tabs. If you wish to order from the Pom City Markets we can deliver any item they have.”

GoFood (PNG) Ltd will soon launch school lunches for healthy food for children where mothers prepare lunches from home for their kids and GoFood deliver’s it to the school. This is to avoid unhealthy foods purchased in canteens and to promote healthier based meals right from home.

Carol Kidu