Generational investment for Goroka

The new ANZ Haus Goroka, built at over K6 million, is a generational investment that would ensure constant cash flow in Eastern Highlands Province.

Owner and landlord, Bire Kimisopa, thanked ANZ for giving his family and Eastern Highlands Province the opportunity to grow their economy.

The state-of-the-art facility, designed by an architect from Goroka, took two years to complete.

Former Goroka MP, Kimisopa, said with the long-term lease with ANZ, the future looks bright for their children and the province’s future generation.

“It will go well in the years to come,” Kimisopa stated. “They get a chance to work with a reputable international company who’s going to be in Goroka for a long, long time so it’s not just about today.”

The former MP further said ANZ’s decision to establish a corporate centre in Goroka speaks volumes of their confidence in the economy.

“I think the people of Eastern Highlands Province, and especially Goroka, will be very grateful,” stated the former MP. “More importantly, the business sector, who need corporate banking services, will find it a lot more comfortable.

“This is an important infrastructure for Goroka and a lot more will be happening in Goroka.”

The new corporate centre was opened on the evening of Thursday, the 5th of November, by Bire and Elizabeth Kimisopa, Eastern Highlands Governor, Peter Numu, ANZ managing director, Mark Baker, and Bank of PNG’s assistant governor of financial system stability, Ellison Pidik.

(Goroka residents gathering outside the ANZ Haus)

Carmella Gware