Federation not aware of protest

The Employers’ Federation of Papua New Guinea says it is not aware of any sanctioned protest.

The Federation released a statement after the circulation of a stop-work notice on social media asking employees not to go to work on Thursday, March 30th, in protest of current economic issues.

“We inform you that we have not received any formal notice from the government agencies, including the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations, the Department of Personnel Management or the Police Commissioner’s office on whether or not the protest was sanctioned or approved,” said EFPNG Executive Director, Florence Willie.

“We are also not aware of the trade unions’ involvement in this proposed stop-work, in which case, only union members would be allowed to vote for industrial action, and seek approval from the Industrial Registrar’s office, over industrial matters concerning terms and conditions of employment.

“We are not aware of any approval from the Industrial Registrar’s office on this protest.

“Without meeting these requirements, any protest by workers, especially those in the private sector, would be deemed illegal as it is not approved and not sanctioned by mandated authorities.

“However, based on past experiences with protest marches, we do advise employers to take all precautionary measures in light of the safety of their workers and the protection of businesses and their properties on that day.

“Thursday 30th March is a normal working day for all employees and businesses.”

Loop author