Emstret Space fosters sustainable entrepreneurship

Emstret Space, a leading co-working hub in Papua New Guinea, celebrates success in collaboration with Global Green Growth Pacific through its Pacific Green Entrepreneurship Network Accelerator Pitch event, spotlighting innovation.

The Accelerator Pitch event provided an exclusive platform for burgeoning entrepreneurs to unveil their inventive business concepts designed to contribute to sustainability and environmental well-being.

The event bore witness to a remarkable exhibition of the ingenuity and determination of PNG's emerging talents, as they vied for an opportunity to shine on a regional stage.

Elevating the excitement, Emstret Space proudly reveals the dual triumph of Jonathan Inapelo and Esther Sione Daniel, who have been named the national winners of the Pacific Green Entrepreneurship Network Accelerator Pitch.

Their groundbreaking ideas not only captivated the esteemed panel of judges but also underscored the immense potential embedded within Papua New Guinea for fostering innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship.

At the forefront of these remarkable successes is Jonathan Inapelo's brainchild, Daulo Commodities Cooperative Society Ltd, a venture dedicated to implementing sustainable agricultural practices that bolster food security while preserving the natural environment.

Equally commendable is Esther Sione Daniel's initiative, Te'hine Trend, which seamlessly marries fashion with sustainable jewelry, preserving cultural heritage while respecting the delicate ecological balance.

To honour their well-deserved triumph, Inapelo and Sione Daniel, accompanied by a dedicated Emstret Space team, will be representing PNG on a global stage at the prestigious Pacific Entrepreneurship Expo set to unfold in Suva next week.

This esteemed regional gathering will convene finalists from six other Pacific Island nations, each vying for the opportunity to elevate their investment prospects to an international platform.

The Suva-based regional pitch event holds heightened significance as it culminates in the prospect of securing investment opportunities in the global hub of innovation, Dubai, later this year.

Inapelo and Sione Daniel are poised to present their visionary projects before an eminent panel of judges, potential investors, and fellow entrepreneurs.

Their participation not only underscores Emstret Space's unwavering commitment to nurturing local talent but also spotlights the remarkable potential of Pacific Island nations to champion global sustainable development goals.

Emstret Space remains steadfast in its dedication to promoting remote work, fostering innovation, and nurturing sustainable entrepreneurship across Papua New Guinea.

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