Emstret Espace launches Shopsmart PNG

Emstret Holdings, through its business arm Emstret Espace, just launched an online marketplace platform called Shopsmart PNG.

Minister for Information, Communication & Technology, Timothy Masiu commended the company for creating this innovative product, which he says is a catalyst for digital transformation.

He launched the online market platform, which is now live and ready for use by both vendors and customers

He said, “Between the government and the industry and the people, it is a catalyst to drive digital transformation in PNG. We are all stakeholders in the business of digital transformation.”

Shopsmart PNG is expected to help Small to Medium Enterprises in Papua New Guinea, to reach larger markets locally and internationally, and scale up their markets in the process.

CEO Vani Nades believes Shopsmart PNG will revolutionise E-commerce in PNG.

She said while working with countless individuals and SMEs through Emstret Espace, it was clear they needed to make it possible for these business people to reach larger markets.

Nades said, “It was this realisation that broght Shopsmart PNG to life. We hope Papua New Gineans will fully utilise this platform and unlock the countless opportunities that it can offer.”

Shopsmart PNG has integrated various payment gateways to allow its customers to choose the most convenient avenue for them, already available on the online marketplace is the internet payment gateway for Kina Bank and Bank South Pacific.

Nades said in the future Shopsmart PNG intends to launch a solution that will allow safe and secure cashless transactions for all its vendors, to minimise the risks that SMEs face when dealing with cash.

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