EMPNG supports COVID-19 response

Operator of the PNG LNG project, ExxonMobil PNG, came to the aid of the Health Department by donating four printers and cartridges.

Acting Health Secretary and Deputy State of Emergency Controller, Dr Paison Dakulala, received the items and thanked ExxonMobil for the support.

Dr Dakulala said this will go a long way in helping his team do the job that is required in the National Operation Centre and later on as well.

“The partnership you give is very special and we want to acknowledge that partnership. It is very important in the time of the COVID-19 challenge that we are facing. As we scale up we appreciate all the support and help that every donor or every agency is giving.

“I think with this kind of cooperation and participation, we will move forward and make our country COVID-19 free,” Dr Dakulala said.

EMPNG medical advisor, Dr Valentine Kolant, and EMPNG operations manager, Jagir Baxi, said the staff and management of EMPNG appreciate the work that is being done to make PNG safe from COVID-19 and will continue to support the work.

“We also appreciate the partnership and in ways that we can contribute we are proud to do so,” said Baxi.

Epidemiologist from the Department of Health, Dr Dinah Saulo, also thanked ExxonMobil for the donation. The printers will be used by the surveillance team.

In the early stage of the COVID-19 response, ExxonMobil donated medical equipment to the Port Moresby General Hospital to support it in its preparation to care for COVID-19 patients in the event that the hospital took on cases. The equipment included defibrillators and ventilators and nebuliser masks.

A week ago, the company donated Personal Protective Equipment and now printers and cartridges for the surveillance team. It has also helped in the repatriation of PNG citizens and Filipino nationals stranded during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

(From left: Dr Dinah Saulo – National Department of Health epidemiologist; Dr Paison Dakulala – Acting Health Secretary; Dr Valentine Kolant - EMPNG Medical Advisor; Dr Nirven Kumar – EMPNG Occupational Health Manager; Hitesh Lal - EMPNG Executive General Manager External Affairs; Jagir Baxi – EMPNG Operations Manager)

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