Electricity generation for mining operations overdue

The generation of essential and adequate electricity to large mining operations across Papua New Guinea is long overdue and should have been addressed more than 50 years ago.

Mining Minister Johnson Tuke said this during a meeting with Era Resources Inc (ERI) and Global Operations officials on Monday.

The officials include ERI director Sir Rabbie Namaliu and vice-president for Global Operations, Andre Wessels.

“Previous governments have always been focused on the transmission side of electricity and not power generation and therefore it’s pretty tough now to address the current power generation issues that are in the country, not only in the mining sector but in other areas as well,” Tuke said.

Tuke also welcomed the BOO strategy where one was most welcome to Build, Own and Operate their own power supply plants to cater for their operations.

The imminent separation of petroleum and energy offices, with the introduction of the Energy Authority Bill tabled in Parliament, will ensure the new entity would be solely responsible for and address such energy matters that are being experienced by the mining companies.

“Just like we have the Mineral Resources Authority that caters for mining industry requirements, the Energy Resources Authority would be responsible for power generations matters,” the minister said.

The visit by officials was to provide an update on the Yandera Copper Project, reinforce its significance as a project of national interest, reconfirm its unique ability to attract dedicated foreign infrastructure financing and stimulate significant regional development.

Freddy Mou