E-voucher Trial For Cash Preparedness

E-vouchers allow for timely partnerships, flexibility and offer a low-cost payment method with no bank charges.

The e-voucher can be distributed quickly in the event of an emergency where there are agreements already in place with local suppliers. E-vouchers can be operated on a large scale and are faster than procurement processes.

Save the Children and the City Pharmacy Group of Companies (CPL) today tested e-voucher cards at CPL's Stop N Shop at Central Waigani.

The electronic voucher cards are part of Save the Children's Cash Preparedness Action Plan to see if the concept of using an e-voucher delivery mechanism can be used to meet humanitarian response needs.

The e-vouchers are part of Save the Children's Cash Preparedness Plan. This plan involves testing whether vouchers for goods and services can be provided directly to individuals, households, or community members, especially the most vulnerable, who are affected by a disaster and need immediate humanitarian assistance.

Save the Children's Senior Cash and Voucher Assistance Advisor, Nashrudin Modin, explained that in testing this, CPL becomes one of the first suppliers to accommodate the selected participants who can use the e-voucher cards at a redeeming point to get goods during a response.

Mr Modin also explained that the e-voucher uses a closed-loop system and can only be redeemed from a supplier or shop that has been pre-selected by Save the Children.

"When a response comes into effect, CPL will be on hand to assist because these e-vouchers are already pre-positioned, and the system is in place at the local merchant ready to utilize. They can't be used at any other shop but selected CPL outlets," he said.

CPL is excited for this partnership, not only because of the outcomes, but also that a PNG-based entrepreneur, JYVX LTD has been able to deliver the technology for this project.

“We look forward to expanding into other regions in due course. Once tested and tried, this application could be of use for many agencies and purposes around the country,” according to JYVX.

"CPL, being a public listed company since 2002, has all the checks and balances and corporate governance for accountability and transparency. With a nationwide presence and having expertise in healthcare, and well-being, we will be able to deliver this program successfully," said Sir Mahesh Patel, OBE, Chairman CPL Foundation.

"The e-voucher is designed for all groups of people including children, women, the elderly and those with special needs because the distribution can be done close to where participants are so that they're able to receive the e-vouchers unassisted," Modin highlighted.

Save the Children's Country Director, Fiu Williame-lgara, acknowledged that having a household brand and renowned retailer like CPL onboard the organization's CVA project is an achievement.

She further highlighted those partnerships with the corporate and government agencies were key for NGOs like Save the Children in reaching more people and creating impact in communities.

"What a privilege to have CPL as a partner on this journey. This means we can help and support more people in the work we do," said Williame-lgara.

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