Domestic markets equally important

Domestic markets are equally important for economic development and growth, beneficial for subsistence farmers and reducing poverty.

Aimed at improving access to markets and developing modern chains, the NCDC Markets Division hosted a Market Open Day at the Gerehu Food and Vegetable Market on Friday to showcase the crucial role of markets in PNG.

Capitalising on the increased flow of people and activities through Port Moresby in preparation for the APEC meetings in November 2018, NCDC Markets Division is keen to promote the city markets.

In urban areas, a significant part of the population depends on markets for their food supply, livelihood and access to information and services.

As such, ad hoc vendors have been registered.

Diversifying market products also aims to attract more buyers.

The Open Day saw new ideas exchanged and new products such as cooked traditional dishes, bilums, meri blouses and crafts introduced.

The Sanap Wantaim youth advocates were also at the market to raise awareness on taking action to create safe public spaces for women and men.

Carolyn Ure